Testimonials from Dick Cavett, Mel Brooks, Alan Greenberg, CEO, Bear Stearns and Co., have all benefited from Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER PACKAGE™

Steven Conner, Financial Planner

"When I walk into a boardroom I don't need the daytimers and notepads and briefcases, because I have everything in my head. I owe my success today to Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER memory training system. It has allowed me to make a lot of money, and also allowed me to be a true professional at what I do."

Herald Price Fahringer, Renowned Attorney

"In the practice of law I use Harry Lorayne's system every day. I use it to remember names of jurors, I use it to remember names of important cases, I use it to remember items on a checklist - dates, facts, places, times. Without it I'd be lost."

Victor Sperandeo, Stock Trader

"I've developed a real edge over my competition on Wall Street using Harry Lorayne's memory improvement methods. This has made me a millionaire many times over, and has proven to me that Memory Power means Money Power."

Reginald Pender, Postal Worker

"I'm employed with the United States postal service. And I can honestly say that the position that I have and the salary that I make would not have been possible without the use of Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER techniques."

Wayne D. Billings

"Your memory training systems have changed my life. I use them every single day - I love it! At my job I remembered all of 140 employees' home and cell telephone numbers. My bosses, and all the workers, were amazed..."

Alan Greenberg, CEO, Bear Stearns & Co.

"I was so impressed by Harry Lorayne's memory techniques that I had him teach our salesmen. It was worth every penny we spent. The lessons have been invaluable to us, and I recommend Harry Lorayne's systems without qualification..."

Ruby Lauzon, International Paper Co.

Harry Lorayne's course is recommended for all managers and supervisors, and it's mandatory for all other personnel...

Arlie Lazarus, President & CEO Jamesway Corporation.

Harry Lorayne's memory improvement methods will be considered the reference for memory training in business for perhaps the next five centuries...

Little Brown & Co.

Harry Lorayne is "Mr. Memory" - he knows more about memory training than anyone in the world. His result-oriented methods make it easy to remember facts - names, faces, numbers, technical material - anything...

Brian P. T. Blake

As a Harvard grad and former U.S. Air Force officer, I've known many lousy teachers. But this course is fantastic and so is the teacher. It will make me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I recommend it unconditionally...

Dick Cavett, Talk Show Host

"Let me try to put this in my own words. I can honestly say to you that I am astonished constantly at what I am able to do using Harry Lorayne's technique. I am also the kind of person who enjoys amazing his friends at what I am able to do. I know that if I'd had his system way back I'd have scored higher on certain tests in school- the value of that is obvious. I suppose that you can say that in the job market, in the corporate world, the edge that memory will give you is too obvious to point out- it could be very, very profitable. Phone numbers, that simple thing, my ability to remember phone numbers, thanks to Harry, once I think, saved my life. It's a long story- I'll tell it to you sometime.

Anyway, if you order the memory improvement system, do not be afraid that it takes a quiz kid to do it. It is easy. You can use it, you can learn it, you can employ it. You'll be glad you did."

Malcolm Ater, Jr., Teacher of Children with Special Needs

"I teach kids with special needs at Harpers Ferry Junior High in West Virginia. Two years ago I wrote to Harry Lorayne about his MEMORY POWER program. I've used this program with my kids in my learning strategies class. And I've seen a phenomenal difference - not only in their self-esteem, but also in their academic performance."

"I've seen my students apply Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER in other academic classes such as history and science. And it's been amazing and very gratifying to me as a teacher to see the change in their grades. And also what's very important to me is the fact that the kids feel so differently about themselves because they have the confidence to know that they can succeed well in school. And learning is fun to them, and that's what school should be all about - making learning fun."

Eric Pitcher, Student

"I used to get C's and D's, but now I get A's."

Chrissy Crown, Student

"With these memory training systems school is more fun and learning has been more fun."

Bob Norland, 80-year-old stroke victim

"I had a stroke at 75 and feared the loss of my memory. But thanks to Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER system, my memory is better today than it ever was before. In fact, it's so good that I give memory demonstrations before my Toastmasters Club, and I also teach Harry's systems to other senior citizens. I also do telephone work and I have to return calls. But because of this stroke, I can't write. But I can remember all those names and numbers and anything else that I want to remember thanks to Harry's system. God bless you, Harry."

Dax Cowart, Attorney/ Public Speaker who is blind

"As a result of an explosion I became totally blind and lost all ten fingers. I could no longer rely on written notes or even Braille. By using Harry's memory training techniques I graduated from law school - passed the Texas bar exam.

When I was asked to give an inspirational talk with no advance notice, Harry's techniques got me through that 45-minute talk with flying colors. I use these techniques for all kinds of things - every day. Frankly, I don't know how I'd manage without them."

Steve Sussman, Student

"I learn any subject ten times faster than ever before. I am the envy of all my classmates."

Irene Berman

"I attribute a large portion of my success in school to my having applied your memory training systems. You've enriched my life and the lives of many others."

James H. Davis, Past President Hollywood Bar Association

"A good memory is valuable anywhere but essential in the practice of law. Harry Lorayne's memory training techniques are a must for those in my field."

A. C. Nielsen Co.

"If we gave ratings for memory training, your 'Nielsen' would be tops!"

Harry's favorite testimonial—Arthur T. Ballard, Jr. USAF, Lt. Colonel

"I was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam from September 26,1966, until March 4, 1973. Shortly before I was shot down and captured, I learned your memory improvement system.

The prisoners of war had no reading or writing material, so we relied solely on memory for sanity, entertainment, names of other POW's, military directives and orders from the senior ranking officer.

During the first few months of captivity, while flat on my back in a cast, I applied your systems for my own benefit, and found that it indeed worked! I then taught it to hundreds of my fellow POW's over the next six years. Eventually it was spread throughout the camp and was an invaluable aid to all of us. Academic classes were conducted by POW's entirely from memory and with no teaching aids. We applied your systems and learned literally thousands of foreign words, poems, speeches, mathematics, electronics, classical music, philosophy, biology- the list is endless.

This opened new worlds of mental activity which was so important to us since we were isolated from the world for such a long period of time.

I am deeply indebted to you for your memory training techniques and for sharing your knowledge with the public..."

Mel Brooks, CEO of Brooksfilms

"Harry Lorayne gives you the memory that will enable you to have the knowledge at your fingertips that will multiply your worth AND multiply your value. And you'll even remember what I just said"

Frank Field, Weatherman

"If you think there are tricks and techniques that enable you to remember new information quickly and indelibly, you are corrrect. And Harry Lorayne teaches them all."

Time Magazine

"A never-fail system for remembering everything"

The Nashville Banner

"Will enable you to remember anything from long-digit numbers to where you left your car keys"

Columbus Dispatch

"It's easy, It's fun... It works."

Reader's Digest

"There is little doubt you will find it rewarding."

Money Line$ Magazine

"Harry Lorayne's genius is not to be outdone."

Time Magazine

"The Yoda of memory training."

New York Times


Reed P. Devlin

"I'm blind. Thanks for your wonderful memory training system and inspiring teaching. It is making my transition to a new job much more achievable."

Aaron Daniels

"Most worthwhile course I have ever taken. Well taught and excellent."

Irene Sidor-Rangelov

"My children and I use your memory training methods. We have achieved great results in our studies and in our daily lives."

Thomas N. Brogan

"Thank you for improving untold lives."