HARRY LORAYNE is the world's foremost memory-training specialist. He is the author of many books in the learning area— among them THE MEMORY BOOK, which was on top of the New York Times bestseller list for over 50 weeks.

Tired of Senior Moments? Absentmindedness?
Want a BETTER than photographic memory?

You can Improve your Memory to a fantastic degree!

Harry Lorayne's Memory Power Package™ is the most sought after Memory Training course in the World. It can change your life! Hundreds of thousands of people have taken Harry Lorayne's Memory Power™ course. Below are just some of the people talking about how phenomenal the memory improvement program is, and how it has changed lives.

Video Testimonials

Dick Cavett, Talk Show Host

"If you order the memory improvement system, do not be afraid that it takes a quiz kid to do it. It is easy. You can use it, you can learn it, you can employ it. You'll be glad you did."

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Malcolm Ater, Jr., Teacher

"I've used this memory improvement program with my kids in my learning strategies class. And I've seen a phenomenal difference — not only in their self-esteem, but also in their academic performance."

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Bob Norland, 80-year old Stroke Victim

"I had a stroke at 75 and feared the loss of my memory. But thanks to Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER system, my memory is better today than it ever was before."

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Dax Cowart, Lawyer/Public Speaker

As a result of an explosion I became totally blind and lost all ten fingers. I could no longer rely on written notes or even Braille. By using Harry's memory training techniques I graduated from law school—passed the Texas bar exam.

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