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Now you can acquire a better than photographic memory. Apply these easy-to-learn memory training techniques and get higher SAT scores, better grades, from grade through graduate school, medical and law school, with much less study time. Have that edge in business, advance your career. Remember any and all facts and figures - stock symbols, dates, and names and faces - easily. Be a master sales person. Learn foreign languages with ease. Your self esteem will leap to new plateaus.

A Great Gift for Chrismas

Order MEMORY POWER now and Harry Lorayne will personally guide you through four full-length power-packed audio cassettes (or CDs) and the easy-to-follow study guide.

SPECIAL WITH THIS OFFER - receive a one-hour DVD in which Harry (himself) shows you specifically how to remember errands and appointments, lists, speeches, English and foreign vocabulary - and you'll actually meet and remember the names and faces of real people.

SPECIAL BONUS: Order now and receive absolutely free "MEMORY MAKES MILLIONAIRES", a cassette (or CD) program in which Harry Lorayne (again, personally) shows you how to use your new-found memory power to make more money than ever before.

And wait, another special bonus: Harry Lorayne has completed another memory training one-hour DVD called, "HOW TO REMEMBER NUMBERS", in which he enforces your ability to remember numbers of any kind, of any length, and enforces your ability to remember what you read, and more. This video retails for $39.95. But - ORDER THE MEMORY POWER PACKAGE RIGHT NOW and it's yours FREE of Charge. Don't wait, Order Now! (Plus $13.95 shipping/handling.)

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