Harry Lorayne's original MEMORY POWER memory training course, "written and presented by Harry Lorayne," won an award from the International Film & TV Festival of New York.

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Harry Lorayne's Memory Power Package™

"There is no better way for you to acquire a great memory. If there was a better way, I'd know it, I'd use it, I would teach it. This is it."

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Dear Friend,

The HARRY LORAYNE MEMORY POWER SYSTEM™ is a simple memory training system that enables you to remember anything you see, read or hear the very first time you see, read or hear it. I don't care how poor or how good you think your memory is right now — it's 100 times more powerful than you realize! What you need to know is the right way to feed it facts, the right way to take names and faces and anything else you want to remember — and burn them into your memory so vividly that you can never forget them.

Yes, I'll admit it — remembering is a trick, and I'll teach you that trick. Powerful memories can be made to order. Whether you're a student, business person, housewife, househusband or senior citizen, the HARRY LORAYNE MEMORY POWER SYSTEM™ will show you how to improve the depth and force and power of your mind!

One testament to the success of Harry Lorayne's memory training systems is the number of imitators who've tried to peddle imitations of his methods. But Harry Lorayne is an impossible act to follow, because he refuses to stand still. Ever the innovator, he continues to update his memory training systems, always adding masterful new insights that are invisible to others, so that training from the original "memory guru" is still by far the best.

I'll lead you along step by step. In Section #5 of the MEMORY POWER memory training SYSTEM™ you'll look at this number: 42109483521461279071, and know it forward and backward in a few minutes, and retain it for as long as you like.

In Section #6 of the memory improvement system, I'll introduce you to 15 people - yes, you'll actually see their faces - and you'll know their names in minutes. I'll lock it all in for you on the audio tapes. I will — personally. I'll be with you — in your livingroom, or wherever — teaching you, showing you, exactly how to do it. I'll work along with you; you'll see how easy, how fascinating it is.

No more running to the refrigerator, opening the door — then wondering what you're there for. No more ruined evenings out because you're wondering whether or not you locked your door, unplugged the iron, put on your telephone-answering machine. No more wasted time looking for the thing "you just had in your hands"! (Section #10.)

The MEMORY POWER SYSTEM™ will do all this and more for you, as it already has for millions of people all over the world. And again, that's a fact. You and your children will enter a new and fascinating world, you'll change your life for the better— and forever— by ordering The Harry Lorayne Memory Power memory training System™.

Sincerely Yours,

Harry Lorayne