A Trained Memory Demonstration

Transcript from the Memory Power infomercial of a High School sophomore demonstrating Harry Lorayne's MEMORY POWER SYSTEM®

DICK CAVETT: "To my right sits Michael Friedland. We're going to use him for a little demonstration."

HARRY LORAYNE: "Dick and I made up ten words. I numbered them from 1 to 10, Michael. I'm going to call them off real quick. Apply my system; okay? #2 is telephone. #6 is eyeglasses. #10 is typewriter. #8 — try to get this in your mind — is 375841521. #1 is car; make it a red car. #4 is a ping-pong ball. #9 is a lamp. #3 — I'm going to give you a name — Maria Petrovskya. #7 is — the French word for grapefruit — pimplemousse. And #5 is flower.

I know I went quickly. I went out of order, haphazardly. Do you think you can put them in sequence for me?"

MICHAEL FRIEDLAND: "I'll try — in order. #1 is red car; #2 is telephone; #3 is Maria Petrovskya; #4 is ping-pong ball; #5 is flower; #6 is eyeglasses; #7 is pimplemousse, grapefruit; #8 is 375841521; #9 is lamp; #10 is typewriter."

HARRY LORAYNE: "What's in #1?"

MICHAEL FRIEDLAND: "#1 is a red car."

HARRY LORAYNE: "In what number is the typewriter?"


DICK CAVETT: "Can I ask a question? What's between the pimplemousse and the lamp?"


HARRY LORAYNE: "Absolutely right. That was #8. Listen to that number. 345841521. I just switched a digit. Can you tell me which one I switched?"

MICHAEL FRIEDLAND: Would you read it again?

HARRY LORAYNE: "345841521."

MICHAEL FRIEDLAND: "You changed the second digit. It was 7, and you made it a 4."

DICK CAVETT: "I knew that too. Cross my heart! Nice going, Michael. That's obviously an impressive demonstration. You just got the system. What are some of the ways you can actually use it in school?"

MICHAEL FRIEDLAND: "I recently took a history test — I got the highest mark I've gotten all year. It's a tough course — remembering things in and out of order, what's on a certain page. Really, it's been great."