Transcript of Harry Lorayne appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Transcript of HARRY LORAYNE in action!

HARRY LORAYNE (naming audience members of Johnny Carson show): "Mrs. Maddox— you changed seats—ok, Mr. Maddox, you're allowed. Miss Hall; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. Herrera; Miss Pransky.

Am I going up too high here? I don't want to confuse Mr. Pecusik, and Mr. Patone and Mr. Barker—those are the cameramen." (Laughter and applause.)

JOHNNY CARSON: "That's amazing. Harry that's amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing job. I should point out that these people were not arranged. They introduced themselves to Harry briefly this afternoon and we didn't put them in any particular order. It's an amazing demonstration!"

HARRY LORAYNE (Transcript from teaching video): "Yes, I'm Harry Lorayne and by the time I'm through with you you'll remember it. And so much more — easily. Because you already have a good memory. Sure you do. You want to prove it to yourself? Try to forget something you already know. You see what I mean? That's impossible. The more you try to forget it the better you're going to remember it.

There are only two kinds of memory — only two kinds — there's a trained memory and there's an untrained memory. You were born with the same capacity for memory as I was, exactly the same, except my memory is trained — yours isn't. Even if you think you have a great memory or a fantastic memory or a good memory — I'll give you a memory you never dreamed possible. And you'll have fun as you attain that great memory.

I want you to get out of that thinking rut that most of us spend our lives in. I'll teach you to think just a little bit differently — but it works. You see, I want you to have more confidence, more effectiveness, more success in everything you do. I want to give you that edge that enables you to remember anything you want to the very first time you see it, hear it, or read it."