Memory Enhancement Demonstrations

Transcript from the Memory Power infomercial of a 5 year old and 9 year old demonstrating Harry Lorayne's memory system.

HARRY LORAYNE: "Elizabeth is five years old. At the very start of the MEMORY POWER™ course I teach how to remember lists of any kind. Now Elizabeth, I understand that you just started my course. Would you like to try a list?"


HARRY LORAYNE: "Okay, here we go: dragon, book, car, river, cow, pencil, balloon, sled, potato, airplane. I haven't counted them, but I think we have enough. Were you listening? Would try it? Give me the list."

ELIZABETH: "Dragon, book, car, river, cow, pencil, balloon, sled, potato, airplane."

HARRY LORAYNE: "You didn't drop a stitch! That was perfect. Katherine, were you listening? If I said "airplane" to you, do you think you could go backwards? Try it."

KATHERINE: "Airplane, potato, sled, balloon, pencil, cow, river, car, book, dragon!"

HARRY LORAYNE: "Excellent. Katherine is nine years old. I know that the girls can do more items, but we don't have the time. Mr. And Mrs. Franchino wanted to give their daughters a head start for their education. They have done just that."